Can Hypnotherapy be guaranteed?

If you are considering trying hypnotherapy to resolve some unwanted behaviour in your life, you are likely to have have done some research, reading around on the subject. You may have come cross claims that hypnosis is very effective, maybe even that it can be a “miracle solution to everything you want”. Deciding to try hypnotherapy can a big investment for you in terms of time, money and effort. It is reasonable for clients to ask if I can offer a guarantee to solve whatever behavioural change they want.

Can I guarantee hypnosis?

I have to be honest and say that the answer is no, I can’t make any guarantees about what level of success you’ll get and it will also depend upon your commitment to make the changes you want. No other alternative therapist can offer a guarantee. That’s one reason there are so many different approaches in addition to hypnotherapy out there; such as counselling, coaching and psychotherapy. If any of them could guarantee being successful there wouldn’t be any need for the others.

There is no one hypnotic technique that will work in all circumstances and for all people. Everyone is different and I acknowledge this in my approach and use client centred techniques which are relevant to each client’s individuality.

What I can guarantee

As said, although hypnotherapy is effective results may vary and success is not guaranteed. I can how guarantee the following:

  • I will listen to you
  • I will always treat your ideas and feelings with respect.
  • I will respect your dignity and privacy.
  • If I think I can’t help you, or that someone else can help you more, I will tell you.
  • You can stop therapy at any time, just by telling me you’ve decided to stop.
  • I will work with you and your feedback. If you feel something isn’t right for you, we can look at other approaches.
  • I will do my very best to help you achieve what you want to achieve, and make the changes you want to make.

If you would like to discuss how you can discover the power of your own imagination and make the changes you want to make please contact me.